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2012-03-07 17:58:36 by Halofan342

It's been a while since ive been on NG and IM BACK. LOVE the changes.

Due to technaical difficuties with my computer, my plans for an original flash movie Must be cancelled.But I won't lose hope!!! I was planning to create a series called "Hank and the Emo Bears". It was about a band who"s trying to make it big but always mess up. I can't create it,due to a major problem to my OLD computer. However< may I pass this down to on of YOU?(

Fellow Newgrounders, I need your help.

2011-06-07 20:56:05 by Halofan342

I really want to animate for you, all I really do. Just one problem: when ever I download a program my computer always fails at actually making it up and running. I need help at this kind of stuff! Im still a noob!!!!!

In my opinion, Hank literally killed the sun in MC3. Therefor, at night there is a moon, but no sun. However there is an artificial sun, giving the red-black color.

You Know what I think why there is no sun in madness combat?

No offence to any one but I really hate it when people say bro TOO many times. Its OK to say it once in a while.... But not ALL THE TIME.I hope this post doesn't offend some one. But hey, I have to say what" on my mind, don' I? :3

sup im new here.

2011-03-03 18:36:51 by Halofan342

so dont expect any thing from me yet....

sup im new here.