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Do you know What I really hate?

2011-04-28 22:18:14 by Halofan342

No offence to any one but I really hate it when people say bro TOO many times. Its OK to say it once in a while.... But not ALL THE TIME.I hope this post doesn't offend some one. But hey, I have to say what" on my mind, don' I? :3


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2011-04-28 22:21:45

Bro, I feel you bro, but bro. Sometimes a bro has just got to let another bro know when their bro is their bro. You're my bro, so you understand, right bro?

Lol, I understand. Not much on those people either. ^_^

Halofan342 responds:



2011-04-28 22:41:14

I use the words "dude, man and broski"


2011-04-28 23:00:03

oh I was ranting about this to someone just last week
for the record
women hate it when you call them bro
in case you've ever been tempted to do so

Halofan342 responds:

Cool,that's a good flash idea


2011-04-28 23:09:35

Do variations count? "We're in a baaaaad~ bromaaance!~"

Halofan342 responds:

Yes, they do


2011-04-28 23:25:18

OMG IKR!!! aha the word "bra" gets annoying too!! :P